Good food for all times... this is what comfort food is all about. And here at Carlito’s, we promise to bring you food that excites not just the taste buds but warms the heart as well. From family favorites such as Chicken Teriyaki and Baked Salmon to our new creations like our garlic loaded crabs and Thai grilled pork with tamarind dip, our food will surely bring back delightful memories and create new ones with every satisfying bite.

Just like how our food has become part of our countless family milestones, it’s our sincere hope that it can be part of many more dining tables. Because we believe that the best memories are made over good, hearty food & drinks, in the company of the best people.

We use only the best ingredients, from imported and local suppliers that have been handpicked by our founder, Leilani in order to create our heartwarming dishes.

So come and experience and our own brand of delicious comfort. Happiness is just a mouthwatering bite away with Carlito’s elevated comfort food.